Focus on the Customer

Technology leaders need to focus on customers - especially internal customers.  Business units need technology to help them meet their customers' needs - the ones paying for the company's products and services.

Listening to customers is important.  A visit to each business leader to get to know them and their unit is the first step.  Find out specifically how their unit works and what pain points they have.  What isn't working correctly?  What isn't working the way we'd like?  Find out about their business plans for the next twelve months.  How will technology help them in meeting their goals?  What do they need from technology?  What can I do personally to move their goals forward? Be sure to focus on internal customers at all levels.  Who has called the Help Desk in the past week to ge
t a problem resolved?  Pick a sample of trouble tickets each week and personally call them to see if it was resolved to their satisfaction.

I am an Information Technology professional with extensive experience in aligning information technology and security processes with business strategies.  I can help organizations develop and implement IT strategies, information security processes, project management, and/or business process improvement projects.   I specialize in leveraging technology to improve business results.  I am available for consulting engagements, or interim or full time CIO arrangements. Contact me at rick@rlsutton.com